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Thermal Camera Solutions

Thermal camera for Small Business

Thermal camera for Small Business

The world is facing a public health epidemic that has led to a financial crisis. For small businesses, one main challenge is how to keep their doors open while still ensuring the safety of everyone in the midst of this pandemic.

Fortunately, there are preventative measures they can take to ensure their businesses continue operating during this crisis. One of the ways to weather the storm is to use our thermal scan camera solutions. For instance, our thermal camera for small business will help measure the body temperature of anyone coming into your business. That way, any individual with an elevated body temperature can be taken aside, and further tests conducted to establish the cause of the fever before allowing them on your premises. 

Safety and Health Precaution at the Work Place for Small Businesses

Here are some of the ways to increase health and safety measures in your business premises:

  • Practice Social Distancing at Work

Currently, everyone is on social distancing mode. For the employees who are still coming to work, make sure that their workstations are at least 6 feet apart as recommended by experts. And even when they go for lunch or take a break, they shouldn’t sit together but maintain their distance.

  • Re-Evaluate Your Cleaning Practices

If your employees are still sharing a physical office, increase your cleaning practices. The coronavirus spreads easily. Therefore, be sure to disinfect all the shared surfaces regularly. Remember to clean the areas that you would normally overlook, such as the kitchen handles, doorknobs, elevator buttons, faucets, coffee pits, keyboards, and shared iPads.

  • Educate Your Employees

Emphasize the need to avoid handshakes at all costs. Recommend to your staff reputable sources where they can access accurate information about COVID-19, such as The CDC, The World Health Organization, and The U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Remind your team to stock up on home supplies, so they do not have to go out often. That said, insist on the need of not hoarding supplies and food they don’t need since they could be preventing high-risk groups from getting those goods.

  • Install Thermal Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras are helping to keep businesses open and people safe from the threat of coronavirus.  The cameras scan body temperature from a safe distance. In case a fever is detected, which is a common COVID-19 symptom, the business can put the individual in a separate area for further screening and testing, or deny them entry altogether.

  • Policy for Sick Staff

If any of your employees falls ill or exhibits any signs of sickness, ask them to stay at home until they’re completely okay, even if their symptoms don’t mirror those of COVID-19.

Extra Precautionary Measures

Unfortunately, the coronavirus epidemic has already hit businesses hard. So, to ensure business continuity and the safety of everyone in your establishment in these tough times, it’s imperative to take advantage of all safety and health measures. That includes using our thermal camera for small business that will help detect one of the symptoms of COVID-19. For more information about our solutions, get in touch with us today on 1-866-669-3669.

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Thermal camera for Small Business
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