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Human Body Thermal Camera

Human Body Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras are electronic devices with an integrated visual display and heat sensor technology, built to detect heat energy in an object or a person. These devices can be used for several different applications, where accurate detection is important.

From people monitoring and perimeter protection to making sure equipment is working safely and many more. Thermal cameras are increasingly growing in popularity due to their ability to detect elevated body temperature for screening purposes at public places. In this post, we'll take a look at the benefits of thermal cameras and how it works. 

Benefits of Thermal Cameras 

Fast: These devices utilize a non-contact imaging temperature measurement technique, which makes the response speed to be very fast. The equipment can check one or more people's temperature within a few seconds, unlike the traditional thermometer method of testing that takes about 3 minutes to test one person. 

Distance: With this type of device, the person being checked can complete the temperature detection test without performing any action or coming in contact with the staff of the company, as they will be far away from the test zone. This, in turn, effectively helps avoid cross-infection in the case of infectious diseases such as Coronavirus. 

Accuracy: The thermal camera can accurately scan the body surface temperature of the person been tested and calculate the temperature through the built-in software. 

Alarm: The device can be programmed to perform human body temperature sampling continuously. And when it detects a high-temperature in any individual, it will alert the authority so that the necessary action can be taken and prevent an infected individual from infecting other people.

How Thermal Camera works 

This device detects the infrared radiation emitted by the body and forms an image of the body's surface temperature distribution. The higher the temperature of the body, the bigger the infrared radiation energy will be displayed. The device receives the temperature distribution on the body surface through the received infrared energy. 

At Thermal Scan Camera, our human body thermal camera is specifically designed to offer accurate body temperature measurements. In seconds, our Face Recognition and Temp Scan Camera automatically detect and identify the dependable facial features for measurement, and presents the estimated body temperature. And if any particular individual has a temperature that is higher than the standard body temperature, the device will issue an audible alert.

Unlike the standard thermal cameras, we offer human body thermal cameras designed for the exact temperature and amplifies accuracy by having a fixed heat source with a given temperature value. Our thermal camera solution provides an extra level of preventive screening and can give peace of mind to institutions and businesses.

Choosing the Best Thermal Camera Solution

At Thermal Scan Camera, we offer quality thermal cameras and screening software needed for checking the temperature of the body, which your company can use to minimize the public health risk posed by the highly infectious Coronavirus. If you would like more detailed information about our thermal camera solution, please contact us today.

Human Body Thermal Camera
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