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Thermal Camera Solutions

Lobby Thermal Camera

Lobby Thermal Camera

The thermal camera systems are installable in many areas of the home, such as the hallways, lobby, and other access points. They are, therefore, easy to use in venues, businesses, institutions, and many different workforce environments. The system begins to run immediately after installation without using any particular tool or training.

Our technology has proven its international standards for years. It measures and displays accurate calibrations on a fast-automated screen. It is the best compliment for social distancing at affordable packages.

Despite our detailed descriptions, the package of a lobby thermal camera can be confusing and overwhelming for the beginning user. Debunking the most common myths is a smart way of starting to use the lobby thermal camera.

Myths about the thermal imaging camera

They fail in daylight

The myth exists because most people confuse a night vision camera with a thermal camera. The night vision device amplifies low light intensities to make objects visible to the human eye. The photomultiplier devices are useless because in the presence of intense radiations. Thermal cameras use a thermal sensor that identifies a wavelength outside the visible spectrum; hence they work excellently in the daytime.

Decent models are expensive.

The budget of your lobby thermal camera depends on the size of the intended target area. Inexpensive imaging cameras are, however, adequate for the lobby of an average family home in the US. The best models are pricey because they are applicable for long distances and bigger rooms.

They need professional handling.

Thermal imaging cameras have automatic calibrations and a simple user interface. The most sophisticated details are only useful for professional security personnel or handler.

Entry-level models are easy to use and often have minimal technology. The occasional hobbyist can efficiently operate the lobby thermal camera of a mid-sized company. This case means that it will be easy to install and maintain any of our camera packages after a short introduction and training.

They are not worthwhile.

The thermal imaging camera offers unique advantages that may not be present with an average optic camera. It is, therefore, better for you to ask the right questions before committing to the technology. It is, however, a guarantee that the thermal technology will be better for night visions, hidden parts of the house, and extreme weather conditions.

Color affects the thermal image.

Humans perceive color different from a thermal camera. The visible region has a wavelength of between 0.4 to 0.7 μm, while a thermal camera has a range of 4 to 14 μm. Different colors of one object will not have different thermal emissions.

They can see beyond a solid wall.

A thermal imaging camera can only detect heat from the object’s surface. The lens cannot sense behind the wall because it cannot pick up wavelengths of the heat rays behind the solid front. There is little visible content from any other part except the visible section of the wall.

Understanding the essential functions of a lobby thermal camera will prepare you with the right mindset for an intensive security measure. The features you need for a thorough thermal analysis present in all our camera selections. Contact us for in-depth details and synopsis of what to expect.

Lobby Thermal Camera
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