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Seek Thermal

Seek Scan is a one-of-a-kind thermal imaging camera from Seek Thermal that was created for the specific purpose of measuring skin temperature. Seek Thermal technology is recommended for a range of industries, including airports, schools, universities, clubs, restaurants, sporting venues, and any other locations where measuring the skin temperature of employees or patrons is necessary.  

Seek Scan is highly adaptable and integrative, meaning that it can be used with facial recognition software and other apps. The purpose behind the creation of Seek Scan is to deliver the most relevant and practical thermal imaging technology for our times in scale. If you would like to take a look at our thermal imaging cameras, please click here.

How Does it Work?

Seek Scan is an easy-to-use automated thermal imaging system that can be used within a number of industries. Further, the easy-to-use technology means that Seek Scan is simple and can be operated by anyone with just a few minutes of nominal training required. It doesn't matter if they are young or old, tech-savvy or tech-illiterate. Seek Scan uses skin temperature as a proxy, and your staff does not need to understand the technology to operate it, as long as they can follow simple instructions.  

Seek Scan consists of a thermal infrared camera as well as a visible camera, which are both used to determine a person's skin temperature. In each image, you will have a reference temperature that is the same as the average body temperature. The subject will appear in the image with the reference temperature behind or beside them, and the thermal imaging technology will compare the subject's body temperature to the reference temperature, providing an extremely accurate reading each time!

How to Setup Your Seek Scan

Seek Scan from Seek Thermal is extremely easy-to-use and can be set up on-demand in just a couple of minutes. The hardware is minimal, including two tripods and a Windows PC. That's all you need to set up your Seek Scan. It is recommended that you set up your station indoors in a stable environment.  

What are the Benefits of Seek Scan?

Seek Scan from Seek Thermal isn't the only thermal imaging camera on the market today. It's probably not the cheapest thermal imaging camera, either, although the prices are competitive. Seek Scan is simply the best thermal imaging camera on the market today, and for business owners, venue managers, and decision-makers who want to keep their facilities, proceedings, and events safe, Seek Scan is a must!

What sets Seek Scan from Seek Thermal apart from other traditional thermal imaging cameras is that Seek Scan was developed and improved starting at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak for the express purpose of enabling safe social distancing, easy use, self-measurement, and fast results. Further, Seek Thermal's Seek Scan thermal imaging camera uses smart technology that enables it to automatically look for the most accurate spot on the face for temperature measurement, which is important when subjects are wearing facemasks or hats. 


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