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Thermal Camera Solutions

Thermal Camera for Assisted living

Thermal Camera for Assisted living

Elderly care has many unforeseen circumstances that risk the well-being of the residents. Technologies that assist the elderly include surveillance cameras that can enhance security by keeping a consistent eye on all corners of housing and outdoors.

The heating area is a common cause of accidents in assisted living environments. Many fire accidents are due to human error or forgetfulness, which are both common in elderly homes. Incorporating a thermal camera for assisted living helps in detecting dangerous situations and behaviors. It alerts the monitoring when a fire occurs and helps in managing an automatic stove system.

How a thermal camera improves assisted living

Noise detection

Assisted living areas should have cameras that have the optimum number of sensors. Detection of noise creates a safe environment and allows the caretakers to keep the residents safe without overwhelming supervision. Integrating a thermometer on the sound activation system lets you know when the room is too hot or cold, and therefore helps in keeping everyone healthy.

Preventive measures

The elderly are vulnerable to illnesses because they have reduced immunity. Thermal cameras can help maintain their health because they can detect people with the possibility of elevated temperatures.

High body temperature is a possible sign of the recent worldwide pandemic – COVID 19. Visitors and vendors who trigger the alert could receive a warning to keep a safe distance to reduce the chances of infections to the staff or residents. This protective measure is a proactive approach to protecting the vulnerable and maintaining their expected lifespan in an unpredictable season.

Interactive conversation

A simple conversation with your relatives can give you the peace of mind you need to execute the usual errands. An advanced thermal camera for an assisted living offers the best communication channel because it can generate reminders and notifications for a specific time frame.

An in-depth description of the ongoing activity is an improvement of the traditional monitoring system. The latest technological systems have image algorithms that differentiate heat signatures such as an open cooking pot and a human body.

Independent living

It is not uncommon for some elderly candidates to dislike the standard setup of assisted living. Some will prefer a part-time nurse while others will enjoy a family member’s involvement. The thermal camera for assisted living optimizes custom living conditions because it reduces the generation of false alerts.

Our system reduces anxiety for both the elderly and the person in management. The result is independent living that creates a natural environment for the regular use of appliances.

Monitored nursing

Your family may have a preference for the nurse who should manage the service. Thermal Camera Solutions has a system that can identify faces. You can use the feature to ensure the consistency of the nurse.

The facial recognition feature also identifies and warns about the entry of anyone who does not have a facemask. This setup enhances the health of residents and by allowing you to control interactions in the assisted living home.

We have a complicated camera system that outperforms the best-assisted living nurse. The software is easy to install and operate, hence it the best for a team that has limited time.  

Thermal Camera for Assisted living
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