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Thermal Camera for Building

Thermal Camera for Building

Public places are on high alert to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. People are being encouraged to remain at home, and if they have to go out, there are numerous measures to protect themselves and others from the virus. Building managers are required to make sure that their premises are safe for all tenants and visitors.

At Thermal Scan Camera, we have solutions that can help you keep the risk of infection in your building low. If you buy our thermal camera for building today, you can safely scan each person who walks through your front door. This camera detects body temperature from a distance and gives an alert if anyone has a fever. Those found with high body temperature should be tested further to establish the actual cause of their fever before being allowed into the building.

Safety Precautions in Buildings

Buildings used by many people are high-risk areas when it comes to the transmission of COVID-19. As a property manager, you should enforce a policy that requires everyone to wear a mask when they come in. This is regardless of whether they have any respiratory disease symptoms or none at all.

Wearing masks keeps particles produced when coughing and sneezing from traveling through the air and landing on surfaces or other people. Since the virus can be spread in that way, it’s vital to make mask-wearing inside the building mandatory. Here are some of the instructions to give on the same:

  • The mask should cover the entire lower part of the face, from the bridge of the nose to the chin. It should fit snugly against the face and not leave any gaps. At the same time, it should allow the wearer to breathe properly. Cloth masks need to have multiple layers of fabric to ensure that they keep respiratory droplets from dispersing into the air.
  • Proper hygiene should be maintained when handling masks. Hands should be cleaned each time before putting on a mask or taking it off. Also, the mask should be held by the elastic loops or ties. After each use, one should clean their reusable mask with detergent.

Health Safety Reminders for Buildings

To make sure that everyone within the building is responsible for their health and that of others around them, place reminders in as many areas as possible. These can be signs reminding people to:

  • Avoid interpersonal contact like handshakes
  • Observe a distance of at least one meter from others
  • Only cough or sneeze into a tissue, or the crook of their elbow
  • Isolate themselves from others if they notice any respiratory illness symptoms

As a building manager, you should consult with health officers if any tenant gets infected. They will provide directions on what to do to safeguard the property and also advise anyone who could have been in contact with an infected person.

Safeguard Your Building

Get a thermal camera for building today as the first line of defense against the virus. Our advanced technology solutions will give your tenants peace of mind about their safety and combat transmission of coronavirus. To learn more about our advanced products, contact us at 1-866-669-3669.

Thermal Camera for Building
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