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Thermal camera for Campus

Thermal camera for Campus

Educational institutions have been largely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This is because, being places of public use with large populations of students, they have an increased risk of spreading the virus. Administrators whose schools are still open are under pressure to ensure that both students and staff on their campuses are protected from getting infected.

At Thermal Scan Camera, we have technology solutions to help you keep your campus free of COVID-19. Our thermal camera for campus is able to detect the body temperatures of every person who walks into your institution. If an individual is shown to have a high body temperature, they should be separated from others and get further medical testing to find out whether they have the virus. This is an easy and effective way of keeping contagious persons from interacting with others and spreading the virus.

Things to Know About Coronavirus

Institutions have the responsibility of making sure that their students and employees are informed about all the important details concerning the illness. Here are the essential things they should know about if they get infected:

  • A lot of coronavirus cases are mild and don’t require medical care or hospitalization. If you have mild symptoms such as sneezing, headaches, and dry cough, you can recover fully at home while taking medication such as ibuprofen to combat muscle aches and fever. You should, however, call your doctor if you have trouble breathing since this is one of the severe symptoms. People who have been infected should also drink a lot of fluids and get as much rest as possible.
  • Recovery from the virus can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Most people who have only mild symptoms can recover from home within two weeks after getting infected. Those with severe illness may take about six weeks to get better. If you have been recovering at home, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention instructs that you should not leave the house unless you have not had a fever in 72 hours. This is without using any fever medications. You can also go out if you’ve had two consecutive negative tests that are two hours apart.
  • Strong immunity is critical to fighting COVID-19, and you can strengthen your immune system by eating foods with a lot of vitamins and nutrients. Sick people should eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, and complex carbohydrates. They should avoid highly processed and sugary foods.

It’s also important to remind them to avoid public areas if they have tested positive for the virus. When at home, they should take precautions such as using separate utensils, rooms, and beddings from the rest of the family. They should also wear a mask until they’ve tested negative.

Protect Your Campus

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, prevention is critical. Keep your institution protected from the virus by buying a thermal camera for campus today to create a safe environment for your staff and students. Call us on 1-866-669-3669 for any questions about our products.

Thermal camera for Campus
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