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Thermal camera for Lobby

Thermal camera for Lobby

Everyone in society has their part to play to ensure that the spread of coronavirus is minimized and eventually contained. As a hotel manager or owner, you have the responsibility of keeping your staff and customers protected from infection. Installing a thermal camera for lobby areas allows you to detect the body temperature of everybody who walks into your facility. This is a camera that we have designed at Thermal Scan Camera to perform long-distance detection on multiple people at the same time, then provide temperature measurements.

High body temperature can be an indication of fever, which is one of the common symptoms of coronavirus. In this way, you can prevent potentially contagious persons from getting into the hotel and infecting other patrons.

How to Curb the Spread of COVID-19 at Your Hotel

The following are ways you can prevent the spread of coronavirus inside your hotel:

  • Maintain Social Distance

Interpersonal contact between patrons and staff should be avoided. This is because close contact with infected persons is the main way through which the virus spreads. Limit the number of people inside your hotel at all times so that it can be possible to maintain a minimum distance of one meter between everyone.

  • Enforce the Use of Masks

If a person has mild symptoms such as a slight cough and has not developed a fever, they might be able to go past the camera without being detected. When an infected individual coughs or sneezes, they can spread the virus through the respiratory particles released, even if they only have mild symptoms.

That is why it’s important to enforce a policy that requires both staff and visitors to wear face masks while inside the facility. Such protection will make sure that the respiratory particles don't transfer to others or fall on surfaces, where another person might come into contact with them.

  • Clean Surfaces Regularly

Tabletops, countertops, door handles, and elevator buttons are some of the surfaces that should be cleaned as regularly as possible throughout the day. Keep disposable wipes near doors to allow staff and patrons to wipe doorknobs before touching them.

Provide hand sanitizers at all exits and entrances to promote hand hygiene among guests and workers. Surfaces that many individuals come into contact with should be disinfected several times daily.

Protecting Your Staff

Allow your employees to remain at home if they have any flu-like symptoms. This will allow them to recuperate without putting their colleagues or customers at risk of infection. At work, provide them with protective wear such as masks and gloves to increase their level of protection.

Stopping the Spread of COVID-19

Get our thermal camera for lobby today to enhance your efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within your establishment. Not only will you help in flattening the curve, but you will also create an environment that customers feel safe walking into. This is especially crucial at a period where most businesses are receiving less activity. Contact us today on 1-866-669-3669 for more information about our thermal camera solutions.

Thermal camera for Lobby
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