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Thermal Camera for Office

Thermal Camera for Office

The coronavirus epidemic has put a strain on most job sectors, and office workers have been especially affected. As an employer, there are different measures you can put in place to protect your staff and clients. Using guidelines from health ministry advisories, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization, you can make your workplace as safe as possible.

At Thermal Scan Camera, we want to make it easier for you to keep operations at your office running with our thermal camera for office. This is a camera that scans people coming into your premises to check for elevated body temperature. Fever is a symptom of coronavirus, and it’s safe to avoid contact with people who have a high body temperature.

Our cameras are convenient because they can scan a lot of people at the same time and give real-time results. Once you set them up, you will need to assign one employee to check the measurements. If any individual is shown to have fever symptoms, they should not be allowed to access the building and instead seek further medical evaluation.

Keeping Your Office Safe From COVID-19

Besides protecting your office entrances, there are other ways to keep your workers safe, such as:

  • Allowing Employees to Work Remotely

If your team can carry out most of their everyday tasks from home, allow them to do so. This will keep your firm’s operations running while protecting them from exposure to the virus. If it's impossible to let all your employees work remotely, have a rotating schedule where one half works at the offices while the other from home and they should alternate every week. This will prevent overcrowding at the workplace and minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

  • Deep Clean Your Facilities

Every room, equipment, and surface used by staff or clients should be deep cleaned daily, and as frequently as possible. Remind your employees to maintain personal hand hygiene and provide them with hand sanitizers.

  • Cancel Travel

If your employees travel regularly for work, it’s advisable to cancel all travel that can be avoided at the moment. Since there are travel restrictions in many cities, it’s best to find alternatives to make sure that your operations aren’t affected in a major way. For instance, video conferencing can be used to hold meetings with clients or business partners to avoid personal contact.

What to Do if A Worker is Sick

If a member of staff shows symptoms of coronavirus at the office, they should immediately isolate themselves from others. They should then call public health service providers to report their situation and get instructions on how to proceed. While at the office, they shouldn’t touch any surfaces or objects. The office manager should also find out if other staff members had come into contact with them and alert health workers.

Create A Safe Work Environment

Workers are relying on their employers to keep workplaces safe from COVID-19, and our thermal camera for office can make this possible. Get one for each of your office entrances to ensure that your employees aren’t exposed to contagious persons. Call us today on 1-866-669-3669 for any questions or queries about our products.

Thermal Camera for Office
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