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Thermal Camera Solutions

Thermal Camera for Retail

Thermal Camera for Retail

sesToday’s businesses have to endure growing violence, theft, and vandalism. Video security cameras are a current standard of protection for retail stores because they offer a massive visual of the perimeter. They are the first line of security against intrusion and a substantial resource during a criminal investigation.

Thermal imaging cameras are a popular choice for outdoor security applications. Research indicates that the market value of the thermal camera for retail is bound to increase to $4 million by 2023.

Reasons why retail businesses need thermal camera systems for the outdoors

Businesses often fail to identify a security system that can offer wide-ranging security patrols. Thermal imaging overcomes the challenges of conventional video cameras and has improved analytics. Thermal imaging technology is an affordable option for startup businesses that want a sufficient security system. The following aspects support the use of a thermal camera for retail stores.


Traditional video cameras will often give low-resolution details due to the following complications:

  • Glare from the sun
  • Headlights of moving cars
  • Blowing trees
  • Moving animals
  • Intense weather like fog and heavy rains

Hidden identities

It is impossible to conceal any object from a thermal camera. It picks up the heat of anyone who uses concealments of bushes, vegetarians, or shadows. It is easy to spot an intruder in complete darkness. One can also not make entry into the premises through haze, smog, or fog because the camera sees senses through solid objects.


The cost of a thermal imaging camera is lower than of a traditional camera even after you make the purchase. The devices do not have infrared illuminators or lamps that require repairs or replacement. They also have minimal power consumption, which makes them a better option for the store that wants a smart business plan. 

Strategic positions for the thermal camera in retail stores

Front entry

It is easy to assume that intruders will sneak into the store through a window or other secondary entries. Statistics reveal that thirty-four percent of burglars use the front door. A camera at the front gate or door is a smart way of keeping tabs on everyone who enters the shop.

Back doors

Secondary doors are one way of entering a building. They are also the best option for crooked employees who sneak items out of the store. Ensure you place a thermal camera to detect and visualize the exact movements.

Garage and parking space

A parking spot is commonplace for thieves and other criminals to attack customers. A layer of security cameras pointing the parking space will reduce the occurrence of crime.

It will also help security personnel to create a trail of each person’s movement while they are within and outside of the store. The camera will also indicate the presence of trespassers and dangerous animals at less busy hours like the nighttime. Contact us today to purchase a thermal camera for retail that will heighten your store’s security and serve other benefits such as identifying and preventing the spread of COVID-19.




Thermal Camera for Retail
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