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Thermal Camera for Store

Thermal Camera for Store

Many retail store owners have closed their businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With most people staying at home, there is very little foot traffic in shops. Lately, however, some states and cities have begun opening up, which means that businesses can resume operations to a certain extent.

If you're among the business owners who had to shut their stores, it's time to start thinking about how to reopen. At this time, ensuring a safe, coronavirus-free environment is the most important thing that the masses and local governments are worried about. Therefore, you need to make arrangements to ensure that your establishment conforms to health safety guidelines.

To begin with, you should get one of the cameras that we make at Thermal Scan Camera to help contain the spread of the virus. With a thermal camera for store, you can monitor everyone who comes through your entrance. If they’re shown to have high body temperature, you should advise them to avoid interaction with other people and get evaluated by a medical officer.

How to Prepare to Reopen Your Store After COVID-19

The following are steps to take when reopening your store:

  • Check Local Guidelines and Policies

Each state and city is providing a set of guidelines that all businesses should follow if they wish to reopen during this period. Find out what dates have been announced by your local government, and what measures you need to comply with. Also, since in some places only select businesses are allowed to operate, find out if yours is one of them.

  • Alert Your Employees

Next, inform your employees about the reopening. Make sure that they’re in good health and available. Any staff member who’s unwell should continue staying at home. You will also need to excuse those who are taking care of sick family members.

Once you get a list of the available employees, distribute shifts. Depending on the size of your store, you may have to reduce the number of staff who attend work for each shift. This is to ensure that present workers can maintain the recommended personal distance between them.

  • Check Your Inventory

With most people at home, some products have become non-essential, while others are in high demand. Check your inventory to see if your stock will be able to sell at this time. Do your research to find out what products customers are willing to spend money on and stock on that. This will also allow you to decide on the items to put on promotion.

  • Put Up Safety Reminders

Put up signs inside your store to remind your staff and customers to observe social distancing and sanitize frequently. If you have an audiovisual system in your store, use it to make frequent reminders of the same. It’s also important to make markers on the floor at the checkout counter to keep people from standing too close.

Operate Your Store Safely

A thermal camera for store will go a long way in keeping your establishment virus-free. The camera, among other health safety precautions, will also assure your customers that they're shopping in a safe place. For any inquiries about our products, contact us today on 1-866-669-3669.

Thermal Camera for Store
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